Martin Freeman at Monty Python Live (mostly) Backstage — July 20, 2014



Hugh Dancy and his scarf



 ❤  Thorin  ❤  Thorin    Thorin  


Newly released When The Game Stands Tall Featurette - The Story

Jim Caviezel as legendary HS Football Coach Bob Ladouceur

This is an AWESOME movie, I was fortunate to attend an advance screening last week. The story will entertain you, make you laugh, believe and cry. The entire cast was outstanding. Movie comes out August 22, 2014.



On GoT: It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the ending because you don’t know what it is. Well, actually, I do know. (x)



Video chat with Aidan



the “they’re just neighbors” murder hubby au

What do you most dislike about your appearance?
My sticky-out ears  (x)